A rotating column of air ranging in width from a few metres to more than a kilometre and whirling at destructively high speeds, usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud. Tornadoes require two factors to form, unstable atmosphere which causes strong rapidly rising air currents inside a cloud and wind shear of approximately 30–40 km per hour between the surface and 3000 m high.

Tornadoes can be measured by the Fujita tornado scale which ranges from F0 to F5, with F5 being the most severe and devastating. 

Image: Category F5 tornado viewed from the southeast as it approached Elie, Manitoba, Canada on 22 June 2007, Justin1569 (Wikimedia Commons)

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Name Category Location Date
Tornado Tornado - Murray River Townships 2013 Tornado New South Wales, Victoria 21/03/2013 view resource
Tornado Tornado - Bundaberg, Queensland 2013 Tornado Queensland 26/01/2013 view resource
Tornado Tornado - Kin Kin, Queensland 1971 Tornado Queensland 14/08/1971 view resource

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