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Business continuity and disaster recovery planning: The basics

In order to have a conscious response towards disasters, it is important to pay attention to the various aspects such as planning, execution, management and leadership. We will help you get well versed with the basics.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Learn how the effects of the disaster can be averted. We help you create the perfect infrastructure for your organization.

Disaster recovery options for your business

We want you to know your options. We help you make the right choice for your organization.

Datacentre Replication

Have all your critical data restored.

Enterprise Maturity

We help you improve your disaster recovery preparedness.

Advanced Data Management

Have access to all your data back-ups. Quickly restore all that you need to get back up on your feet again.

Data-driven service environment

We provide highly capable and comprehensive disaster recovery services.

Resourcing Controls And Planning

We will help you maintain your stability and ensure there is minimum disruption.

Optimized Resiliency

Your organization will recover its workflow in no time.

A Disaster Protection and Recovery Planning Toolkit for the Business

Our toolkit provides all that you need to ensure your organization resurfaces smoothly.

Choosing the right disaster recovery for your business

If you want to learn more about the various disaster recovery options, our experts can make some recommendations.

Business continuity and disaster recovery guide

Make sure to go through our guide to get a better idea of our processes.

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Essential Things That One Needs To Know About Disaster Recovery Plan!

Essential things that one needs to know about disaster recovery plan!

To begin with, what does disaster recovery mean?

Disaster recovery refers to an organisation’s method that involves regaining functionality and access to its infrastructure of IT after uncontrollable events like natural disasters, business disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, or cyber-attack, etc. To tell about this in detail, disaster recovery is processed by recovering the lost data from another location where the data is all set to back up.

A Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) support in letting an organization stay afloat after an adverse event. Under the existing conditions, business continuity and disaster recovery practices are more relevant than ever before. Small operations to large organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on digital technologies for revenue generation, supporting customers, and providing services.

Essential Facts in a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Disaster

Sometimes businesses are disrupted by causes we cannot control. Merely by water or fire damage all your precious data may be wiped out from your systems or servers. Ensure that your data, assets, and hardware are protected is just a part of the disaster recovery plan. The rest is about strategizing how quickly a company bounce back online and be operational again.

Rather than scrambling after a major storm, it is best to put a plan in place.

Here are the critical elements of a BCDR plan.

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